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Sing Chip solutions

NeChip updateable Internet Controller chips provide a cost-effective and reliable solution for embedding IP-based communication and other network services in low-cost, non-PC devices running M2M (machine-to-machine) applications. NeChip mediates the connection between a host device and the Internet, operating as an embedded device server. It eliminates the need for Internet programming and avoids the hassle, risks and costs of a development project. Instead, you are assured a fast design-in, with predictable timing and budget. Typical design time is one man-month.


A complete, firmware-based hardware and software solution, NeChip includes basic and upper layer Internet protocols and many features that optimize communication over IP-enabled networks, such as security, automatic port reconnect, and IP address registration. NeChip works with almost all wired and Wireless LANs and modems, any host processor and any or no host operating system.


NeChip is not only a single chip for device networking,but the whole system that's ready for your products.



Key Benefits

·        Easy, rapid design-in – requiring minimal hardware redesign, no change to the operating system (or no operating system at all), no Internet programming, and minimal or no modifications to the application; design-in is typically one month or less

·     Cost-effective IP connectivity – eliminates the need to use more powerful processors than required for the core application; saves the costs of developing and debugging in-house hardware or software solutions

·      Proven, worldwide reliability – applied since 1995 in devices operating in Europe, across disparate environments

·      Lifetime updatability – fully updateable firmware in all products enables support of new protocols; remote updatability available with some NeChips

·      Much more than TCP/IP – supports the complete TCP/IP protocol stack and includes upper layer protocols (such as SSL3/TLS1.0 , SMTP, POP3, SNTP, HTTP, TFTP, FTP, and TELNET); also includes an onboard Web server, along with numerous features that optimize network connectivity

·     Built-in security – secure sockets, secure upper layer protocols, secure SMTP authentication and MD5 password encryption for the embedded Web server


Application-specific Solutions

NeChip is available in several families designed to meet the needs of a wide range of applications. All solutions support TCP/UDP sockets, and most support upper layer protocols and serial-to-IP bridging.


NeChip Serial to ethernet Family
Designed for low-cost  LAN and modem access. The first NeChip with an open architecture design that provides total freedom to choose and program the Internet protocols required for your application. Comes with the basic boot block, to which you add your chosen firmware version. The initial firmware version is locally updateable and supports many upper layer protocols.


NeChip serial to wireless Family
Full-featured solutions for  designs requiring remotely updateable firmware.  Supports CDMA,CDMA2000/WCDMA(coming), GPRS, GSM wireless modems, dial-up modems, and 10/100BaseT LANs(CXT32XXLW).


NeChip file server Family
Full-featured solutions for  device file local sd/mmc card to expand file storage,device and user can access onchip ftp server via 10/100M ethernet or wlan. Moreover,  it also support transmitting data from serial port to remote ftp server and store in the appointed file

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