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Conextop release the next generation single chip for serial-ip solution ( 2 February 2009 )

Conextop release the next generation single chip for serial-ip solution ( 2 February 2009 )
Released Date:2009-2-2 22:03:55

[2 February,2009]Conextop Technologies Co Ltd. ("Conextop"),has released the next generation single chip for serial-ip solution.It's the first single chip that can make device networking through wired and wireless net.High performance, High reliability Single chip with ARM-based 32bit Core embedded. Offer up to 5 high speed UARTS,10/100M ethernet
Abundant network protocols, support GPRS,WLAN,WCDMA Modules

It’s not only a single chip, but the whole system that’s ready for product.Please refer to the datasheet of nechip series for more details.
Features of NeChip Series:
l       Simple external circuit, just several analog interface IC
l       Support 1-5 high speed serial ports
l       Support RS232/485/422 controller (software selectable , Smart RS485 controller)
l       Baudrate up to 921600bps
l       Support POE
l       Support 10/100M Ethernet
l       Support sd/mmc card
l       Abundant networking protocols: refer to technical data for detailed protocols
l       Support DNS for dynamic remote IP
l       Support PPPoE for ADSL application
l       Support PPP/PPP+AT for ISDN and GPRS application
l       Support WLAN (Driver special Wlan chipsets)
l       Support multi-channel backup (eth + PPPoE)
l       Provide http (web customized) server
l       Provide telnet server
l       Provide serial login mode
l       Provide Virtual Com
l       Provide Device manager based on windows
   Industrial Automation
   ■ PLC
   ■ Network Sensor
   Remote device management
   ■ Remote Power switch
   ■ Network Sensor
   Medical / Healthcare
   ■ Remote patient ward
   ■ Network medical Sensor
   Electrical Power
   ■ Ammeter
   ■ Remote Power monitor
   Telecom and IT
   ■ Mobile phone service networking
   ■ Console device management
   ■ Remote Telecom-device maintenance
   Building automation and security
   ■ Unmanned monitoring
   ■ Warning backup network
   Retail / POS
   ■ Payment Terminal
   ■ Gas Station
   Manufacturing Automation
   ■ Quality inspectionr/Monitor
   ■ Safety monitor
   ■ Fire / temperature monitoring / alarm

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